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The introduction for new light- solar led flood light

Click: 4913  Update: 2017-08-14


1. LED light source which use of imported 0.5w high lumen process all use automatic solid crystal wire packaging lead-free wave soldering, Lights’ life ≥ 50000 hours, low power consumption, pure color , Green pollution-free, cold light source or warm light source design without heat radiation and not damage to the eyes and skin, Without lead, mercury and other pollution elements to achieve the true green and energy saving.
2. IP65: Lamp surface frosted or transparent,the internal full irrigation high polymer silicone waterproof, double waterproof.
3. Charger : solar  charge or use charger input with AC90V-265V.
4. Battery: Built-in battery,Normal discharge 8-10 hours.
5. Color temperature: 6000-6500K, 3000-3500K.
6. Emergency time: > 7 hours.
7. Working temperature: -30 ℃ ~ +50 ℃.


New emergency flood light with heat and cold that adapt to more demanding installation environment, with well-designed embedded parts, convenient installation greatly reduced  the maintenance costs:
1. Special protective components to induction lightning and electrostatic (ESD) ,device performance in line with IEC61000-4 (Level4) standard testing standards.
2. Integrated design of dimming decoder and LED lighting.
3. Integrated heat dissipation that low surface cover temperature, safe and good protection; Heat dissipation with flow structure design to increase the heat dissipation area of 80%  than the general structure, 50% heat dissipation to ensure the LED luminous efficiency and the life span.
4. Light body with a high-pressure cast aluminum stamping, light body seamless, exquisite beauty, heat dissipation, the surface anti-aging electrostatic spray treatment, self-cleaning, corrosion resistance, good waterproof.
5. The lamp surface is made of 12mm special anti-UV anti-slip all-physical steel safety frosted glass, anti-skid level >2 , impact resistance and abrasion resistance; Glass surface with high temperature glaze treatment, high temperature inside the lamp anti-glare and anti-ultraviolet glaze.
6. Use waterproof breathable bolts to keep the lamp inside and outside the air pressure balance, to prevent condensation within the lamp phenomenon.

Product additional performance:
1. solar emergency light control light control automatically identify day and night, with automatic lights function
2. solar emergency cast light products can also choose remote control, lighting time control can be arbitrary.


Widely used in schools, factories, hospitals, residential, commercial plaza, high-grade office buildings, entertainment venues and other public places emergency lighting and outdoor normal lighting; roads, gas stations, toll stations, car parks, outdoor performances and other portable emergency lighting; Outdoor recreation, field operations, engineering repair, recreational relief and other places need to move the light source.