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New Maintenance- free Explosion-proof LED Tri-proof Lamp T Series

Click: 2474  Update: 2018-05-26

Product parameters:

A.  Applicable:
1. Use in hazardous gas environment/ 1 District  2 District
2. Used in explosion-proof dust environment /20 District 21 District 22 District
3. Suitable for environments with temperature groups T1-T6
4. Suitable for IIA IIB IIC explosion-proof gas environment
5. Suitable for places with high protection requirements and moisture
6. Applicable to oil, oil refining, chemical, military and other dangerous environments and offshore oil platforms, oil tankers and other places for general lighting and job lighting
B. product performance:
1. The outer shell is made of high-strength cast aluminum material and has an optimized structural design to resist strong collision and impact.
2. Use Hewlett-Packard lighting maintenance-free drive.
3. The product is well-designed, beautiful appearance, convenient and quick installation of lamps.
4. Polycarbonate shade, high light transmittance, can withstand strong impact.
C. the technical parameters:
1. Implementation of standards: GB3836.1, GB3836.8, GB12476.1, IEC60079-0
2. Explosion-proof mark: Ex nR II T6 Gc/Ex tD A21 IP66 T80℃
3. Light source type: Cree high lumens high color LED lamp beads
4. Rated voltage: AC85-265V 50/60Hz
5. Light source power: 20w, 40w, 60w, 80w
6. luminous efficiency:> 120lm/w
7. Power factor: >0.92
8. Luminous color temperature: can be customized
9. Display index: Ra>80
10. Protection level: IP66
11. Corrosion protection level: WF2
12. Inlet thread: G3/4"
13. Cable outer diameter: Ф 9mm - Ф 14mm
14. Installation method: ceiling type, wall type, boom type
Fourth, emergency applications
Emergency start time: ≤ 0.3(s)
Emergency time: ≥90(min)